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蠼氐窖胧油滓场AN FRANCI●SCO, Dec. 9 (Xinhua)○ -- Fourteen m〓ore companies, inclu●ding China's Huaw●ei Technolo●gies, lent their su●pport to the 〓so-called "Google ◆phone" Tues〓day by joining the ◆Open Handse◆t Alliance. Th○e new members pl●edge t

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o back the ope●n-source Andro◆id mobile device pla●tform deve●loped by Goo〓gle and are co〓mmitted to "its 〓commercial● success," they sa●id in a join◆t statement.〓 Among the ●new members are s●ome big names in the◆ m

obile phone indust●ry, such as S〓ony Ericsso■n and Vodaf◆one. The companies● said they will〓 either deploy co●mpatible An■droid devices◆, contribute sign◆ificant cod●e to the A●ndroid pl

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atform●, or offer p〓roducts and servic○es that will● accelerate〓 the availability o〓f Android-based● devices. 〓"Huawei is com■mitted to dep●loy Android de〓vices toward 2○009," LiJilin, vi■c

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e president of Hu●awei Communicati○ons, said i●n the stateme●nt. "We believe th○e Android platform w◆ill provide an◆ innovativ〓e edge in ●end user sati●sfaction." Ope○n Handset Alli

a●nce was estab●lished in 2007 by■ Google and 33 othe○r firms includ○ing Motorola, T-Mo◆bile, Samsu●ng and China M〓obile. Telecom op◆erator T-M〓obile began○ selling the ○first Android-ba■sed Google phon◆e, dubbed "G1", ■in October 2008. ◆The G1 is seen

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  • nge■ tablets and smart ●phones," according t■o Li Dafeng. T●he group has 〓supplied millions● of telepho○nes and over a ●million smart● phones to the Easte●rn
  • and Southern A■frican markets. ●The giant Chines◆e telecommun●ications comp○any has a strong pre○sence and future i●n Africa's eme■r
  • ging market, which ●would likely■ be there to● stay. ○as ( Th〓e opinions e●xpressed her〓e do not necessarily○ reflect the opi◆nions of Pa〓nview or○ )any co&n
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a rival● of Apple's popu●lar iPhone. It● is reported that ◆a second Google ○phone based on th〓e Android pl●atform, nam○ed Agora, w■ill be launched● by Australi○an company Kogan at■ the end of Janua●ry 2009. Re■lated stori○es:MANILA, Feb.■ 16 (Xinhua●) -- As m


mpan■ies are reportin◆g losses a■nd planning jo◆b slashes, a China-●based teleco◆mmunication-equipmen○t supplier mak■es an exceptio●n in the Philippine 〓market as well a●s in other p●arts of the w〓orld. Huaw■ei Technologies ○Philippines, I〓nc. posted ○a

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